Due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19,
STC is doing the following in response:

Trial test Class

Due to the lockdown that started in late June this year, our 2021 Term 3 Trial Test classes for Year 4 & 5 students were postponed.

Please view our Term 4 information to see how the missed classes will be catered for.

T3 - Free Testing at Home

If your child is enrolled in our Y4 or Y5 Trial Test program, your child will be able to access our Free Testing at Home program.

Misty Slopes

Credit Policy

Class Update

Depending on the situation surrounding COVID-19, STC will adjust our classes accordingly.

There will be NO refunds or charges* for the price difference of Physical and Online classes once classes begin.

*Please refer to our terms and conditions located on the enrolment form.

Term 2 Holiday Class

Due to the lockdown from 6pm, 26th June to 11:59pm, 9th July, STC will be closed during the holiday break.


As a result, our Term 2 Holiday Classes for Year 4 & 5 students will be cancelled.

Should parents need to get in touch with us, please email

As our centres will be closed, we will not be able to answer phone enquiries during this period.

STC thanks all the parents and students for their understanding and we hope you will all
stay safe and have a lovely holiday break.

Y5 Trial Test Fees:

Due to classes being postponed, not cancelled, STC will not be crediting students' fees to subsequent periods or programs. Once restrictions have been lifted, classes will resume and the missed lessons will be catered for.

Refunds must follow our usual refund policy stated in our Notice of Enrollment (located on our enrolment form and information booklets).

Y4 Trial Test Fees:

Previously enrolled students have 1 session withheld (Term 3 Week 1). This postponed single session has been scheduled to the first day of Term 3 Holiday Class (Mon, 20th Sep 2021). Those wishing to enrol in the Holiday Class will have that one session deducted from their Holiday Class fees. Those not wishing to enrol for Holiday Class can choose to attend that single Trial Test session on 20/9/21.

Students who do not attend that lesson provided will be forfeiting their withheld session.

Holiday Class Fees:

All paid Term 2 Holiday Class fees will be credited to students' 2021 Term 4 fees. This credit will be automatically applied.


Parents cannot choose to roll it over as credit for subsequent periods. Should you have any queries or concerns regarding this, please kindly email us and we will get back to you with further information.