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2022 OC &
2023 Selective Results

2022 OC &
2022 Selective Results

Important Reminders:

Due to limited resources as a result of COVID-19, STC currently will be unable to provide the following services for both Online and Physical Class: (Until further notice)

  • Homework Marking for English, Maths & Thinking Skills

STC will accept Writing Homework submissions and will provide English + Maths + Thinking Skills Homework Answers for parents to use.

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Social Distancing Rules:

STC asks that all students and parents abide by our social distancing rules and safety measures.

  • We will be measuring the temperature of all students and providing hand sanitisers to all those entering STC.

  • It is recommended that all students wear masks while at STC. (May be mandatory at times)

  • Parents can only pick up & drop off students downstairs (outside of STC Building). Staff will guide students down to parents.

  • Limited amount of parents will be allowed into STC building at once.

  • Students are to remain in classrooms before the start of class and during break time.

  • Canteen will not be available during this period.

STC reserves the right to refuse admission to those who fail to abide by these safety/distancing rules. Refunds will not be provided should students break these rules and be asked to leave.


Selective Trial Test for 2022 Year 5 Students will start in Term 3

Enrolments for this class will open from Term 2 Week 7.

​​Why do STC Trial Tests start from Term 3 and not earlier?

Our Trial Test Class is an essential program that helps students prepare for the Selective High School Test.
However, it is more beneficial for students to develop their academic foundation and increase their knowledge first, before tackling this difficult course. Lack of foundational skills and preparation will not only lead to a waste of time and money but may also damage students’ confidence, leaving them exhausted and discouraged.

At STC, we employ a step-by-step strategy by providing education that is sufficient and helpful. We believe that Year 5 students’ learning will benefit most by commencing the Trial Test program in Term 3.

Subjects: English + Maths + Thinking Skills + Writing


OC Trial Test Information:

1.  Students must write their FULL name on the question booklets.

2.  All working out is to be done on the question booklets.

3.  Students are advised to bring pencils and an analogue watch for the test.

4.  After exams, students are not allowed to keep the question papers.

5.  Only students' results and ranking positions will be given in a report.

User Manual



Mon - Sun: Closed

Lockdown Trading Hours

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Lunch Order

for 10 meals

or $10 per meal

(Pre-Order only)
Last order: 25th June 2021 11:59pm

Bank Transfer amount to
BSB: 032-055
Accout Number: 977 448

Account Name: Meung Thai Pty Ltd

Please include your child's Full Name and Year in the payment description field.

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Please Note:

  • Orders are only confirmed after payment has been received.

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Holiday Class - Lunch Order

(Now Closed)

Should you wish to purchase the same food as our lunch orders, please visit:

Shop 2, 249 Forest Road Hurstville

(Ground floor of our Station Centre)

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Awaiting updated dates

Main Class

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Holiday Lunch Order Available

Pre-Order Only. Click here for the order form.

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