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2020 Year 6 Students

2020 Term 4

Unfortunately, HMT will be unable to commence our Year 6 High School classes this year. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience to our parents and students, as we know  there were students keen to get ahead in High School Mathematics.

Should our Year 6 students wish to attend our Year 7 classes in 2021, please come to sit for a free assessment test in 2020 Term 4 Week 7.

Y7 - 10 Term 4 (10 Sessions)




We will be using Webex as a platform to run our classes. Students can create an account for easier access or sign up as a guest each lesson. Please remember to sign in using the student's name.

We will email out a Webex meeting (class) invitation each week before class to the email provided in the form.

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