Technology at School

YEar 4 - Term 4

Safety Precautions

In order to maintain a safe distance during class to combat the spread of COVID-19, STC has spread all Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 students out across all available classrooms. Classes will also be staggered throughout the week.

Class Allocation

Our physical classes have limited space and so we will prioritise the following conditions:

  1. STC Students' original class time and day.

  2. Form submission date & time - If the class is full, parents will be notified. ​

Students wishing to change class days will be placed on the waiting list if there are no available vacancies.

Please call our Main Centre should you wish to make any changes.


STC will be able to hold students' positions for a limited time only.


Physical - Main Class

(10 Sessions) $570

Online - Main Class

(10 Sessions) $540

*Once enrolled, we will email you with more class details.

Technology at School

OC Trial Test

Please Note:

Previously enrolled students will be placed into their original class times. Please call our Main Centre to check for availability should you wish to change class day or time.

(5 Sessions) $225

OC Trial Test Information:

  1. Each test has 2 sections. Each section has 35 questions, which lasts for 30 minutes. (Tested subjects include English, Math and GA.)

  2. Students must write their FULL name on the question booklets.

  3. All working out is to be done on the question booklets.

  4. Students are advised to bring black pens and an analogue watch for the test.

  5. After exams, students are not allowed to keep the question papers.

  6. Only students' results and ranking positions will be given in a report.

Why enrol in STC OC Trial Tests?

  1. Over the past 11 years, over half of the students from Hurstville OC were from STC.

  2. Our tests are extremely similar in format & difficulty, creating high chances for students to experience the same/similar questions to the OC Placement Test.

  3. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve learnt that a placement in OC is a pathway to securing a placement in Selective School.

Yearly Test

STC will email Year 4 student parents with further details before Term 4 Week 5.

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