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Grey Round Patterns
Resume Operation


STC suspended all face-to-face classes starting from 23 March, 2020.

Due to the uncertainty of when COVID-19 will be resolved, STC is also unable to determine when classes will be deemed safe to resume. However, we will notify all parents via SMS and/or Email ahead of time once STC believes it is safe to resume classes. We will be closely monitoring government notices and updating our website for our students, parents and teachers.

Please note:

If students do not attend their class once STC resumes operation, parents automatically forfeit the credit withheld. Refunds will not be given, however, parents are allowed to pick up the homework for those weeks. For Trial Tests, students are allowed to sit for make-up tests (appointments are required).

Grey Round Patterns
Credited Sessions

Term 1 Notice:

Sessions that are being withheld:

  • Year 2:  Week 8 - 11

  • Year 3:  Week 8 - 11

  • Year 4:  Week 9 - 11 + Any affected Trial Test Class

  • Year 5:  Week 8 - 11 + Any affected Literacy Class

These sessions that are withheld will be credited for future use. Trial Test Credit cannot be used for Main Class and vice versa.


Please note:

This credit is automatically applied once STC resumes operation. Parents cannot choose to roll it over as credit for subsequent periods. Parents wishing to wait for physical classes to resume to enrol their child will have their credit withheld until STC can resume physical classes. Once physical classes can be resumed, the above point mentioned in "Resume Operation" applies.

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