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  • Which year groups does STC teach?
    Classes at STC go from Year 2 to Year 6. After the Selective Exam, enrolled students will be a part of the High School department (HMT) - Maths Only.
  • How do I enrol my child into STC?
    Visit our 'Programs / Enrol' tab for step by step instructions.
  • My child is in year 1 now, when can I come to enrol?
    If your child is in year 1, he/she can come during the end of Term 4 to sit for an Assessment Test to enrol for year 2 the following year.
  • My child is in year 3 now, can he/she attend year 4 class?
    No, STC follows the school grading system. Your child can only enrol into the grade he/she is currently studying in. We do not allow students to skip grades at our centre as we have a specified structure to their learning programs.
  • Why does my child need to sit for an Assessment Test?
    STC classes are sorted according to students' current academic levels. This is for the benefit of the student so he/she can learn at his/her pace with a class of similar level students. We also have different level homework to target different level students to aid in their learning. For Year 2, there is only one class level. However, students must receive a score above our entry mark.
  • When can my child sit for the Assessment Test?
    Please call our Main Office on 9585 1866 to confirm a time.
  • Is there an expiry date to the Assessment Test?
    Yes. Our centre has Half Yearly Tests during Term 2 and Yearly Tests during Term 4. If your child's assessment test is completed after the Half Yearly Test, they can enrol for Term 3 and Term 4. If your child's assessment test is completed after the Yearly Test, they can enrol for Term 1 and Term 2.
  • Will my child be able to move up class levels?
    Yes. After the Assessment Test, we will allocate your child a class level. After the Half Yearly Test in Term 2, your child may (depending on their results) be able to move up class levels for Term 3 and 4. After the Yearly Test in Term 4, your child again, may be able to move up levels for their class for the following year. (Dependent on their results)
  • What does STC teach in Main Class?
    Our classes specialise in English, Mathematics, Writing and Thinking Skills. Our high school branch covers Mathematics only. View 'Our Programs' tab for further details.
  • If my child cannot attend his/her own class, can he/she have a make-up lesson?
    Depending on availability of the other classes of the same year and level, your child may attend the other class as a make-up lesson if there is space. Please call our centre to confirm availability.
  • What is Lovely Class? Does my child have to attend this class?
    Lovely Class is a homework help class for students enrolled in Main Class. It is important for students to attend this class to receive extra help with their homework. During Lovely Class, students are encouraged to ask questions about the parts of the homework they need help with.
  • Are there breaks inbetween classes? Can my child go outside the centre?
    Yes, there are 10 minute breaks inbetween lessons every hour. Students will be supervised during break time and may purchase food at our canteen. (During Covid - our canteen will not be available as students are asked to remain in their classrooms for their health and safety.) Students are not allowed to leave the centre during break times.
  • What are the 10% and 20% discounts for? When can I receive these discounts?
    (Excluding students with scholarship) 10% discounts are given to all students that enroll before our discount date. The discount date varies per term. Please check our home page or information booklet each term for updates. 20% discounts apply when a family has more than one child studying at our centre at one time*. The younger child/children are entitiled to receive a 20% discount whilst the eldest child receives a 10% discount. This applies to the immediate family only. Cousins, family friends, etc. do not apply. * excludes HMT
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