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Misty Slopes

New Students

New Students

Assessment Tests (Bookings are required)

If your child is a new student to STC and you wish to join our Physical or Online Main Class, please call us to make a booking.


​OC students will not be required to sit for our Assessment Tests. We will be able to use your child's OC scores for each subject to determine which class level is most suitable for your child at STC. Please give our Main Centre a call and our staff will assist you further with this.

Student Paper Writing

Step 1

New students will be required to sit for an Assessment Test ($10) prior to entering STC's Main Classes. Tests will be held at our Main Centre only (Hudson St).

Please call us for available Assessment Test sessions.

Step 2

Once the Assessment Test has been completed, we will provide you with a report showing your child's results and STC's class level. Reports will be emailed to parents the following day (or as otherwise instructed).

Step 3

Enrol into a class that has vacancies. If a class with a time that you prefer is full, your child will be placed on the waiting list for that class.

Misty Slopes

Classes Available

Holiday CLass:

Available for 2023 Year 4, 5 & 6 students. Click on the links below for more information.

Trial Test:

Selective Trial Tests for 2023 Year 6 students & OC Trial Tests for 2023 Year 4 students are available.

Click on the links below for more information.

Note: Our 2023 Year 5 Selective Trial Test program will begin in 2023 Term 3.

Year 2 - 5:

Classes available; Physical classes (Year 2 - 5). Year 6 has Term 2 Week 1 available for students enrolled previously.

Click on the links below for more information.

HMT [Y7 & Y8]:

Physical classes only - click here for more information.

New Enrolment Student Manual

Enrolment Instructions

Enrolment Instructions

  1.  ​View STC's enrolment email sent to your email address.

  2.  Fill out the Enrolment form.

    • For all Class and Time changes, please call our Main Centre for assistance.

  3.  Pay fees according to our fee table on our website, information booklet or in your email.

    • If you are unsure of fees and discounts, please give our Main Centre a call to inquire further.

    • View our Payment Methods.
      (Please remember to include your child's name and CN / Invoice Number in the description field.)

  4.   Await our confirmation email with your child's class details and invoice.

  5.   Please make sure to read our Notice of Enrolment located on the enrolment form.

Please Note:

STC will only be able to hold existing students' positions for a limited time.


Our waiting list students will be processed according to available vacancies.

STC will contact parents once spots open up.


Our physical classes are currently limited in space due to the restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

In order to maintain a safe distance between students, STC has spread out all the tables in each classroom.

Important Reminders:

Due to limited resources as a result of COVID-19, STC currently will be unable to provide the following services for both Online and Physical Class: (Until further notice)

  • Homework Marking for English, Maths & Thinking Skills

STC will accept Writing Homework submissions and will provide English + Maths + Thinking Skills Homework Answers for parents to use.

A Girl in a Classroom

Social Distancing Rules:

STC asks that all students and parents abide by our social distancing rules and safety measures.

  • We will be measuring the temperature of all students and providing hand sanitisers to all those entering STC.

  • It is recommended that all students wear masks while at STC. (May be mandatory at times)

  • Parents can only pick up & drop off students downstairs (outside of STC Building). Staff will guide students down to parents.

  • Limited amount of parents will be allowed into STC building at once.

  • Students are to remain in classrooms before the start of class and during break time.

  • Canteen will not be available during this period.

STC reserves the right to refuse admission to those who fail to abide by these safety/distancing rules. Refunds will not be provided should students break these rules and be asked to leave.

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