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Misty Slopes

STC Library - Sign up

Unlock a world of learning and imagination for your children by signing up for our library system today! With a diverse collection of books tailored to enhance English, Mathematics, and Critical Thinking Skills, we offer a valuable resource for your child's educational journey.

By borrowing books from us, you're not just providing entertainment, but also fostering essential skills that will benefit your child academically and personally. Join us in nurturing a lifelong passion for learning and exploration!

Step 1:

Visit our Main Centre located at 3 Hudson Street, Hurstville.

Step 2:

Ask our friendly Front Desk staff to sign your child up for our library system. They will provide you with the necessary forms to complete and will guide you through our rules and policies.

Step 3:

Choose a book you would like to borrow for your child and start the journey with us!

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