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Selective Test

13th October 2020

Applications for entry to Year 7 in 2022 open online

16th November 2020

Application for entry to Year 7 in 2022 closes

4th December 2020

Principals provide school assessment scores

25th February 2021

Test centre information and Test authority letters available to parents

11th March 2021

Selective High School Placement Test for entry in 2022

25th April 2021

Last day to change selective high school choices for entry in 2022

2nd July 2021

Placement outcomes expected to be released

15th December 2021

Students who have kept offers are removed from reserve lists

Selective Placement Test

Fact Sheet

Students are NOT to bring pens, pencils, rulers, note paper, books or watches that make a noise.

Students must bring a printed copy of their Test authority letter with their application number.

For more information:


Calculation of Profile Score

New Details

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How to Apply

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Note: Please be aware that some schools (Eg. private schools) do not provide a school assessment mark. This means that all English, Maths and Thinking Skills marks are received 100% from the Entrance Test. 
(Consult your primary school for this information)

Scholarship Test

September 2020

Applications open

Midnight AEDT Monday 8 February 2021

Applications close

Saturday 27 February 2021

Test date

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ACER Test Structure

Test 1:  Written Expression (extended response, 25 minutes)
Test 2:  Humanities - Comprehension and Interpretation (multiple  choice, 40 minutes)
Test 3:  Mathematics (multiple choice, 40 minutes)
Test 4:  Written Expression (extended response, 25 minutes)

Test structures can be found on the ACER website under "ACER Scholarship Test structure"

What to bring:

  • Two blue or black pens for the Written Expression section of the test.

  • Two HB or B pencils for the multiple-choice tests + a good eraser

  • Something to eat/drink during the break between tests (optional)

ACER General Information


Each school sets its own application fee. You must complete a separate application and pay a separate fee for each school that you apply to. (Can apply for more than one school). Details are available on the schools’ websites.

How to Apply:

To apply for a test you need to create a Parent Account in the ACER Scholarship Test online application system and then complete an application for your child for each school you wish to apply to. Check the individual school websites before applying online.


ACER will provide your results to the school/s you've applied to. Some schools will post the result reports to parents in the mail. Other schools have opted for parents to be able to access results online; in this case you will receive a notification email from ACER with information about how to access your report.


OC Test

09 June 2020

Application opens online for entry in 2021

26 June 2020

Application website closes at 5.00pm. (You must apply by the due date.)

04 November 2020

Parents are sent "Test authority" letters

18 November 2020

Opportunity Class Placement Test

25 November 2020

Last day to change opportunity class choices

Mid January 2021

Placement outcome information sent to parents

From Mid January 2021

Parents accept or decline first round placement

Late January 2021

Reserve places offered

Late January 2021

Authority to attend an opportunity class letter sent to parents

How to Apply

Test Information

Students are NOT to bring pens, pencils, erasers or watches that make a noise.

Students need to bring with them to the test centre a printed copy of the 'Test authority' letter in order to be able to sit the test.

For more information:


OC Test Structure

There are two parts to the test each comprising 35 multiple-choice questions in:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Thinking Skills

Students have 30 minutes to answer each part of the test.

OC General Information

When Applying:

Applicants can choose up to two opportunity classes. Choose the opportunity class and the order of the classes carefully and list only those schools you would like your child to attend and in your preferred order. You can change your school choices for entry in 2021 until 25 November 2020 by sending a completed 'Change of choice' form to the Team.

After submitting your application you will receive a confirmation email.

School Assessment Scores:

Public schools provide school assessment scores online in English and Mathematics based on a student's performance in Year 4 up to the beginning of June. Principals may also comment on issues relevant to the application.

Non-government schools submit a student's school assessment scores on the Principal's page for provision of school assessment scores sent with the email confirming submission of the application. Applicants indicate whether they consent for the current school principal to be consulted.

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