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YEar 4 - Term 3

Learning Together


Currently an STC student?

You will be assigned to your original class time and day.


Please complete the form using the link provided below to inform STC of your intention to continue your enrolment.

A new student enrolling?

New students will need to sit for an assessment test prior to enrolment.


Please click on the button below for more information.

Class Changes

Need to change your child's class day / time?


As our physical classes have limited capacity, class swaps can only be accommodated if there are available spaces.

In instances where no space is available, your child's name will be added to a waiting list.

If you wish to make changes to your child's enrolment, please contact our Main Centre.

Payment Methods

Click on the link below to access our bank details.

Boys at School

Package Deals

Valid until our Early Bird discount date

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Main Class

+ Holiday Class


was $1430

Holiday Class
School Supplies

Holiday Class

Learning Pod


To prepare 2024 Year 4 students for their upcoming OC Test.

Our Holiday Classes include daily Trial Tests. Each set of Trial Test consists of Reading, Mathematical Reasoning and Thinking Skills + immediate explanations of test questions.

Every set of Trial Test will be spread across 2 days, in which day 1 will cover 2 subjects + explanation and day 2 will cover 1 subject + explanation.

Additional Thinking Skills enhancement classes will also be provided,along with homework, to students during Holiday Class.

Class Information

Physical Class

(10 Sessions) $630

Daily Trial Test


Girl in an autumn outfit with a transpar
Main Class
School Supplies

Main Class


(10 Sessions) $800

Free - Lovely Class:

Our free online homework help class - Designed to help your child with their homework queries. (Always starts in Week 2)


full body picture of a girl in autumn cl

Online Class Equipment

Computer Screens
Mini Speakers


We will be using Webex as a platform to run our classes. Students can create an account for easier access or sign up as a guest each lesson. Please remember to sign in using the student's name.

We will email out a Webex meeting (class) invitation around 30 - 40 minutes prior to the start of class each week to the email registered in our system.

Useful Links

Cisco Webex.png

Webex Manual

Student Manual

OC Trial Test
School Supplies

OC Trial Test

Test Structure


STC OC Trial Tests will be:


30 minutes - 25 Questions

Mathematical Reasoning:
40 minutes - 35 Questions


Thinking Skills:
30 minutes - 30 Questions

Followed by immediate explanations.

Why enrol in STC OC Trial Tests?

  1. Over the past 16 years, over half of the students from Hurstville OC were from STC.

  2. We have adapted to the new style of questions and test structure.

  3. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve learnt that a placement in OC is a pathway to securing a placement in Selective School.

2025 will be Computer-based Tests


2024 will remain as

Paper-based Tests

School Term Trial Test (Physical Class)

(2024 will remain as Paper-based tests. 2025 will be computer-based tests.)

(Call our Main Centre for enrolment information) $-

2024 Timetable


One more session in Term 3 Week 1.

Why enrol in STC's Trial Test classes?

We train students to work within, and to be aware of, the time limit.

Explanations are given immediately after the test to help students understand their mistakes.

Students’ results and their performance ranking are given in a report, which is handed to the students the week after. The categories of each question will also be written in the report.

Our exam mode and format will follow the NSW Selective Placement Test’s exam mode and format.

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